1) How much do I get paid?
Up to 60% revshare. The program automatically starts out at 50% However, If you do good with in the first few weeks, it will be rasied to 60%

2) Watermarking?
No affiliates will be allowed to use our content and watermark it differently. This dilutes our brand and cheapens its worth. Affiliates using this method will be notified and will be made to change their watermark.

3) Do you accept mail or chat traffic?
At this time, we do not accept either form of traffic. If you are found to be using these means of promotion, than your account will be terminated.

4) I need custom content created in order to promote Super Hot Cash. Can you provide this?
Yes we can. Please contact: Don at DonWhoe@Gmail.com.com with your exact needs, and we will get these together for you as quickly as possible.

5) What dates are payouts sent on?
Whe you log into you affiliate dashboard (ZOA) you may set the days that you would like to recieve your payout.

6) Chargebacks and refunds?

Chargebacks and refunds will be taken from your payment.

7) Can we use other matireal to promote Super Hot Cash?

No....... Only content from a Super Hot Cash paysite may be used to promote a Super Hot Cash site. We aren't in the business of misleading surfers!

8) Is any type of promotions frownd upon?

Spamming any service (Yahoo, AOL, ICQ, Email, USENET, etc...) with advertisements linked to SuperHotFilms.com or one of the Super Hot Cash sites is not allowed.

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