Poizon Ivy's Trailers (Mobile Friendly)

Once I graduated high school I knew there was only one thing for me to do.....PORN!! Unlike most ladies in the industry... this is not just a money thing for me . I TOTALLY LOVE what I do and I'm always looking for new and interesting things to spice it up. I like to refer to myself as the "Ultimate Switch" because when it come to men I am completely submissive to them. I like being gagged hard with a stiff cock, my "Mega Booty" slapped hard when I'm getting hit from the back and slapped in my face when getting fucked missionary, to remind me of the dirty little slut that I am. On the other hand, when I with a girl the tables are flipped, those are the same nasty thing I like to do to them with my plastic dick!! ;) My momma always told told me it does not matter what job you have in life..... just make sure you love it, because jobs is repetitious and repetition is the master of all learning.... I truly believe that is why I am great at what I do :)

Poizon Ivy shows how submissive she can really be in this #SuperHot scene. The male talent in this scene, Lil Mack, completely dominates Ivy choking, slapping and gagging her. Watch the excitement as your turned on by Ivy's desprate look while she is gasping for what little oxygen he allows her to have.
Poizon Ivy loves to dominate unsuspecting yung sluts with her black 9 inch STRAP-ON, but before she does, she know how to finess the pussy to get it nice and wet. This yung slut was a "pleaser and did everything it took to make Ivy happy. Watch as Ivy fucks her good and make her have mutiple orgasams back to back
Moe is a take no prisoners type of nigga when he fucks and that is EXACTLY what Ivy needs. Somebody thats going to remind her that even though she handles those yung SLUTS with her strap-on, she is a submissive slut that gets dominate by men with big cocks. He fucks her good to keep her in her place.

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